Monday, March 23, 2015

New websites rolling out!

I have been very busy working on a a bunch of new websites for customers, and each has had it's own neat challenges and previous issues to overcome.
  • Whether it is a Wordpress website somebody else built that was hacked (IF you are going to use Wordpress, pay attention to plugin updates, and stay away from "free" plugins...), and I rebuilt -
  • Or one that was built by Hibu (What a SEO mess they made!) and now properly built (Look! No weird URL's or links to Hibu! No ongoing payments for what amounts to nothing!) -
  • Or an ecommerce website for a college friend in Canada starting a new business -
  • Or fixing a Squarespace mess for an architect (not on Squarespace anymore!) -
  • Or just helping the local Rotary out a little bit -
It has been busy! And that's not even all the builds in the last few weeks, and more to come!