Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stuff I use: 1Password

I get asked all the time about the apps I use day-to-day, so periodically, I am going to write about my favorite apps, and why they made it into my "must have" apps!

This week it is 1Password by AgileBits this is truly one of my must-have apps, and is installed on every device I own (including my old EVO Android)

In this day and age, when it seems daily we hear of more "hacked accounts" in the news, it isn't a question of if you need better password security, it is a must! Yet this seems to be the one thing that people hedge their bets on and just don't do...

If you are one of those who haven't stepped into the world of more-secure passwords, check out 1Password.


  • It works on almost every major device (originally made for Macs and iOS, but available now for PC and Android as well)
  • Easy to use from your browser
  • It creates and stores super-secure passwords (think 5-50 characters of gobledy-gook)
  • Can store other info securely as well (credit card info, secure notes, etc.)
  • Syncs your passwords easily between devices (I use the Dropbox sync option)
  • You just have to remember one password to unlock your passwords (hence the name.)
I have been using this app since January 2008, and use it several times a day, everyday. I have hundreds of passwords created, and stored in 1Password, and it is just second nature now to open every secure website with my 1Password Extension in my browser. On my iPad and iPhone, the built in 1Password browser makes it seamless to surf password protected websites as well.

Now there are alternatives - Apple has it's "built-in" keychain, but it only works on Apple devices, and only on your own iCloud account. I actually "share" my main 1Password account with my wife, so that passwords for "shared" websites like banking websites and utilities can be synced. If your needs are simple, and you only have Apple devices (now and in the future....) look into it, it comes with your machine.

There are other similar apps like LastPass and Dashlane - I have no experience with them, but they may also be worth a look.

 I started using 1Password over 6 years ago, and have never wanted or needed to look at any alternatives, highly recommended!