Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick tip - Free photo storage

Quick tip of the day - make sure to store or backup your photos online.
Back story: I have a couple of friends who unfortunately had house fires. No harm done to any people or pets, but their homes were a total write-off. Luckily they were fully insured, so they were able to get back up and running. BUT the one thing they could not get back were their pictures...
One of them actually had a backup hard-drive, thinking that would be the "safe" way to backup their precious memories. Problem is the backup hard-drive was also destroyed in the fire...
So do yourself a favor, if you backup nothing else, backup your pictures somewhere "off-site" or in the cloud. There are several services available, and quite a few "free" choices.
I personally use Flickr:
  • it is free
  • gives you up to 1TB (1000 GB's) of free storage
  • integrates with iPhoto
  • integrates with iOS, and can be set to automatically upload photos from your iPhone
  • you can set "privacy" settings so nobody sees your photos, unless you specifically share them
  • a nice app and web portal that let's me have access to every photo from any device
  • allows video storage as well (up to 3 minutes in length each)
There are other choices - but the sheer size of the free storage space, and the integrations with my Apple eco-system make this a no brainer for me!