Monday, October 1, 2012

Motorola Reneges On Ice Cream Sandwich Software Update

One of the reasons I am moving from Android to the iPhone 5
Turns out they were just kidding, and the Atrix 4G is stuck with Gingerbread.
I have really like my EVO 4G - over 2-and-a-half years later it is going strong, and when I upgrade to a new phone, it will become a “game phone” for my youngest son. But the upgrade policy of Android phones is really annoying. In order to get the latest and greatest features, most users have to jailbreak their phones - and then it is a real crapshoot. Luckily my EVO was a popular phone, is fairly easy to root, and there are great alternative ROM’s for it (Thank you XDA!)

But my wife’s Samsung Epic isn’t as well supported, and a pain to jailbreak. I also have friends who are disappointed by the lack of consistent upgrade policies. I love Android in theory - an open software development platform - but in practice, it seems to be a messy walled garden of developers loading up phones with crapware that is hard to remove, and reneging on promised upgrades, if they were considering upgrades at all. Phones that could easily run the latest software are abandoned, and if Google (the makers of Android) won’t upgrade their own phones…